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For safety purposes, restraint cables are frequently used on explosion venting panels to keep the panels from becoming flying projectiles. We offer a variety of cable systems for different applications. Most applications utilize our 3/16" diameter for lightweight single skin panels and 1/4" diameter for heavy or double-walled insulated panels. The cables are manufactured from 7 x19 strand galvanized wire rope and have eyelets mechanically clamped on both ends. These eyelets(3/8" for the 3/16" cables & 1/2" for the 1/4" cables) will generate the full breaking strength of their respective cables. Stainless steel cables are also available for areas of high corrosion. Dual cable systems are sometimes used for certain applications or when jobs specify that the cables comply with NFPA68.

Common Restaint Cable Detail for Light Gage Single Skin Panel
typical light gage single skin restraint[...]
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Common Restraint Cable Detail for Double-Walled Insulated Metal Panel
typical double walled insulated panel re[...]
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