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Vent-All explosion venting fasteners, a series of collapsible washers on stainless steel fasteners, are designed to minimize injury and destruction of property from explosions caused by agricultural or industrial operations.


It is most desirable to vent shock waves through sidewalls of a structure. Venting through metal roofs can be troublesome because movement due to expansion and contraction from temperature changes. Built-up roofs also present problems, use of rigid insulation, felts, and ballast would tend to delay venting.

Generally, for each Vent-All fastener, a hole is drilled into the panels and framing, then the hole in the top panel is enlarged to 1/2" diameter. It is necessary to install one centering device per fastener to prevent sagging of the panel.


If you provide us with the following information, we will provide a detailed drawing which shows the quantity, type, and spacing of the explosion venting required for your project.


1. Dimension of the area to be vented.
2. Girt spacing and gage or thickness.
3. Panel configuration including width, length and thickness.
4. Type and thickness of insulation, if any.
5. Pressure release value.

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